PatientKeeper 8 (PK8) is a highly mobile solution that allows you to view hCare Clinician Portal information in a native mobile application. PK8 is snappy, easy to read, and has several tools within it to view patient information.

See all supported Apple iOS versions which support PatientKeeper below.

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The videos labeled "YouTube" are hosted on YouTube and available for view on your phone or via a desktop off the HCA Network. If viewing while on an on HCA facility network please click the link under each video labeled            "HCA Network Only".

YouTube-PK Application Overview

HCA Network Only- Link

YouTube-Filtering Patient Information

HCA Network Only- Link

YouTube- Patient Imaging

HCA Network Only- Link

YouTube- Secure Provider Messaging

HCA Network Only- Link

YouTube-Provider Workflow

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EKG Pink Papers


EKG Pink Papers

  • Ability to view a 10-second static image of a patient’s EKG
  • Images may be viewed before a cardiologist interpretation
  • Images may be viewed from anywhere; on a desktop or on a mobile device
  • View patient images on the go; PatientKeeper is accessible where you are

Radiology Image Viewer

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Zero Footprint Viewer for Mobile

PatientKeeper allows providers to access clinical images associated with radiology reports on both desktop and mobile applications. The Zero Footprint viewer (ZFP) by GE has integrated into PK8.

PACS images are within view after a few taps and learned gestures on a mobile device. With ZFP, you are able to zoom in, pan to specific location, or scroll through a series on your iPhone or iPad.