PCP Notification Tool

HCA - PCP Notification Daily Email Notice

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Receive a personal, secure email notification when one of your patients presents in our ED or is discharged from the hospital.  Notification updates are based on ED admission and/or inpatient discharge.

•Email notices will be sent out daily at 7AM MT.
•Patients must identify their primary care physician during registration or admission for the notification to be sent.
•Patient(s) will only appear once on the daily email per inpatient discharge and/or presentation to the ED.
•The paper enrollment form provides you the ability to include additional email addresses to receive the notifications
•Office coordinators or a physician designate can also be added to the distribution by filling out a PCP authorization request form.
•All separate email addresses must be secured with a separate user name and password.
•Confidential patients are excluded from notifications (Including psychiatric,incarcerated, and patients who have chosen to be marked as confidential).